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Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans

House attics trap heat from the sun, hot air, and moisture. The heat and moisture pushes down into the house's living area. The AC runs constantly to try to keep up, and mildew and mold can form where the AC-cooled ceiling meets the hot, moist attic air. The living area seems "musty" and you can feel the ceiling heat.

Static attic vents, such as soffit vents and ridge vents, help a little by letting some of the hot air out of the attic, but they are often ineffective, and attic temperatures above 140-150 degrees are common.

Conventional attic exhaust fans and wind turbines can pull hot, moist air out of the top of the attic at one or two spots, but cooler, drier air doesn't reach most of the ceiling area in the bottom and center of the attic, where it's needed the most to help the living area.  Unfortunately, conventional attic exhaust fans may also pull air conditioned air through the ceiling, causing more moist, hot air to enter the house through windows, doors, and floors below. If the attic seems cooler when exhaust  fans are running, it may be because the AC is being pulled into the attic, costing $$$$!

SPSF Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans take a different approach. SPSF Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans use the sun and the natural process of thermal stratification, which is the layering of rising air  from cool at the bottom to hot at the top, to cool the lower attic and living area ceiling below it. Instead of conventional single exhaust fans near the top of the attic, SPSF uses multiple, spaced supply fans to push cool, dry air from under the shaded roof overhangs, into the attic and across the top of the ceiling insulation, then toward the center of the ceiling, creating a cool, dry layer between the ceiling and the hot attic air above it. Less heat and moisture enters the living area, and AC is not pulled through the ceiling.

If the attic already has roof vents, gable vents, attic fans, gable fans, or wind turbines, SPSF Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans act as a booster that makes them more effective by increasing their exhaust air flow, in addition to SPSF’s own cooling and drying effect in the bottom and center of the attic.   

SPSF also takes a different approach to mounting the fans and solar panesl.  Instead of mounting the solar panel on top of the fan or on the roof with screws, it is mounted on a ball and socket mount at the roof edge or on building structure, wherever there is sunlight, up to 100 feet from the fans and out of sight, not conspicuously in the middle of the roof. There are no roof leaks around fans, vents, or solar panels. There is no need for dangerous or costly roof access or attic access for installation. The solar panel can be optimally positioned for sunlight capture, independent of the fan location.

The SPSF Model 630 Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fan ventilates approximately 1250 square feet of attic. The kit includes a 12 volt 30 watt mono-crystalline solar panel, an adjustable ball and socket solar panel mount, either 2 fan clusters (Model 630 3pk) or 3 fan clusters (Model 630 2pk), 15 feet of UV and water resistant wire with plug connectors for each fan cluster (2 or 3), and mounting screws.

Custom, cost efficient SPSF solar attic fan products can also be provided for larger attics, including push-pull ventilation arrangements and different types of soffit vents.  Just ask!

For sheds, lockers, detached single garages, etc,  CSF 210 Solar Crawl Space Vent Fan may be all that you need.

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