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About SPSF Solar Powered Soffit Fans LLC

6 Years of Innovation and Counting!

Located in Davie, Florida, our goal is to provide safe, innovative, efficient, easy to install, low cost home solar ventilation solutions that gradually pay for themselves. Our products are designed, developed, tested, and manufactured in the USA, using the best available materials and components. We continuously work to improve the product. We stand behind our product. We've sold hundreds of fans over the last 6 years, all over the US and Canada. In that time, we’ve had 3 warranty claims: 2 solar panels and one fan, and we replaced them with new units.

When our customers call SPSF, they talk to an experienced solar ventilation professional who will talk to them about their specific ventilation needs and problems. If we don’t think we’re the right solution, we’ll say so, rather than just try to sell the products.  We think that once it is installed, you should be able to forget about it. No electric bills. No noise. No roof leaks. No components wearing out after a few years.

Our solutions are the result of our experience and our testing in coastal Louisiana, Virginia, Delaware, and Florida.  We developed our solutions because attics and crawl spaces are a real ventilation problem, and we don't like going in attics; we don't like going on roofs; we don't like cutting or drilling holes in the roof that will eventually leak (or worse), and we don't like smells from the crawl spaces under the house.  We know that our product will be used in harsh, tropical, coastal climates with storm winds, high humidity, high UV, and high heat, with any roof material. It has to be safe, effective, efficient, and long-lived in those conditions for us to be satisfied. SpSF Solar Attic Soffit Vent Fans and CSF Solar Crawl Space Vent Fans have been tested, improved, and re-tested on real houses, under real conditions, with real occupants, and have been proven to reduce cooling costs, reduce house humidity and moisture damage, and improve house air quality.

We hope that you will like our product, and we welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.  

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Solar Powered Soffit Fans LLC
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